Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Frequently asked questions about Amy and Sean's Wedding

These are a few of the questions people have been asking. Please look through them. If you have another question, please e-mail rsvpamyandsean at gmail dot com.

Can I come into the Temple to view the wedding?

Amy and Sean are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. They believe that by being married in the temple, they will be candidates to be sealed for time and all Eternity. Because of the sacredness of the ceremony, only certain members of the church can attend the actual ceremony in the temple. Furthermore, Sean and Amy are scheduled into a really small room that limits them to 25 guests. After careful consideration, their list of who to invite was narrowed down to 25. If you received your invitation and it had a gold ticket in it, we look forward to seeing you inside the temple.

I did not get a gold ticket in my invitation. Where should I go to celebrate Amy and Sean's Wedding?
You have two options: 1. You can be at the temple, on the outside, and you can see them walk out as Husband and Wife. If you were to do this, you would need to be at the Sacramento Temple no later than 11:30 AM on their wedding day. When Amy and Sean emerge, you are welcome to join them for pictures, hugs, possibly some tears and other joyous embraces.

2. Amy and Sean are having a ring ceremony and reception at the Napa LDS Stake Center (the address is in your invitation). The ring ceremony starts promptly at 6:30. The reception will follow directly after wards.

What can I expect at Amy and Sean's wedding reception?
Amy and Sean will be standing in a receiving line from 7 - 8 (about) which is a place where you can go and talk to them, share your happy wishes and tell embarrassing stories about Sean to Amy. The atmosphere will be very "Open House" feel to it. Amy and Sean invite you to come as you wish, say hello, eat some food, maybe some cake and leave as you wish. This is not a formal reception.
At some point after 8 PM there will be a bouquet thrown.

Can I bring my kids?
You bet. Amy and Sean love children and look forward to their bright shiny faces. They can be with you as you wait outside the Temple or with you at the reception.

What should I wear?
Due to the sacred, reverent setting at the Sacramento Temple, it is requested that you wear "semi-formal" attire while at the temple. Men in collared shirts with ties, slacks or khakis. Women in nice blouses, skirts or dresses or slacks.
At the reception we invite you to be comfortable, though not too comfortable (please try to avoid wearing your new bathing suit and instead try at minimum Jeans and a T-shirt and at most a Tuxedo and formal dress.)

Will there be alcohol or smoking at the wedding or reception?
There is absolutely no smoking or consumption of alcohol on the grounds of the Sacramento Temple. You will be asked to leave by the security staff.
As for the reception, Sean and Amy have decided not to serve alcohol and ask that their guests not bring any either. If you feel a need to have a drink, please have some after the reception. Smoking is never permitted on church property. However, there are plenty of sidewalks that are just outside the parking lot that you can enjoy a smoke.

Will there be dancing?
Amy and Sean have decided not to have dancing at their wedding. However, there will be some music playing in the back ground and you are more than welcome to slow dance out on the floor.

Why are you guys getting married in the Sacramento Temple and not the Oakland one that is much closer to your house?
Amy and Sean attended the temple for the first time together in the Sacramento Temple. Because of that, that temple holds a special place in their hearts.

What is a ring ceremony and what should I expect?
A ring ceremony is an opportunity for those not in attendance in the Temple to be a part of the wedding. The ceremony will be about 15 - 30 minutes long and will include an Opening prayer, a musical number, some comments from the Bishop (some people call him a Pastor) and then Sean and Amy will exchange rings, with them finally dashing off to the reception.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Save The Date

Invitations have not been sent out yet. For those who want to save the date it is December 30th 2010.

The reception will be from 7PM to 9PM the Napa LDS Church Stake Center; 2590 Trower Ave, Napa, California 94558.

A ring ceremony will be performed at 6:30

Monday, October 25, 2010

How We Met and Our Courtship

Sean, and our friend Robin, used to run a monthly dinner group. The group met once a month and had a meal and talked about life. Robin and Sean had worked together years ago on a LDS play in Oakland and used the dinner group to catch up with old Tech Crew members and relive the glory days. One month no other crew members were available, and so Robin invited two of her friends: Shell and Amy. Sean was immediately attracted to Amy's smile, curly hair and the fact that Amy was a writer. Amy was attracted to Sean's eyes and the adventurous stories he told. Amy further was in love with the fact that Sean gave massages to dinner group people after the group left the restaurant and went to Robin's house. Amy has had a long suffering of migraines and a "Sean Massage" helped a lot. But more to the point, Amy was impressed with Sean's charity toward the needs of people in the dinner group.

After a few dinner groups, Sean asked Amy out on a first date. The first date was disastrous. Amy stopped attending dinner group to avoid Sean but so did Sean.

11 1/2 months passed by before date number two. During that time, Amy and Sean had a great deal of time to learn each other's communication style, likes and dislikes, and all of the several things Amy and Sean have in common. Date 2 was to a ball game with Sean's father. It was the start of a beautiful relationship. Amy and Sean dated for four months, Sean living in Contra Costa County and Amy living in Napa County. In January of this year, Sean had the opportunity to move to Vallejo (45 minutes closer to Amy's house). Once there, Sean and Amy were 8 minutes away (13 minutes if the stoplights were all red.) This closer location allowed the relationship to really blossom. In August, Sean and Amy decided that neither one of them had any desire to be with anyone else and so they decided to get married.
Sean and Amy met with Amy's parents first and asked for her hand and their blessing. Next Sean spoke with his father and got his permission and blessing. And then it was announced to everyone they could tell (including the waiter at the Olive Garden they met her parents for).

Amy and Sean are so excited to be married.

Friday, October 1, 2010

About Amy

Amy was born in Pasadena CA, moved to Vallejo and spent most of her life growing up in American Canyon. Amy served a mission for the LDS Church in Portland Oregon. She has an Associate’s Degree in Literature. She currently works in the warehouse providing care packages to inmates. Amy’s hobbies include reading, writing, spending time with children and helping others where she can.

About Sean

Sean grew up in Fremont, CA. Sean served a mission for the LDS Church in Arizona. He graduated of Brigham Young University - Idaho where he was involved in adaptive sports including wheelchair basketball and adaptive cycling. Sean is currently a volunteer with Bay Area Outreach and Reccreation Program where he referees Power Wheelchair Soccer games. For work, Sean is a Therapy Aide at a local hospital. Sean's hobbies include hiking, photography, working with his hands, and gardening.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Amy and Sean are just so happy to be getting married.

Their biggest request is for you to come and enjoy the wedding as much as they will.

However, if you have a desire to give the happy couple something, please consider one of the three options:

1. The couple would like donations to help them make a deposit on a new apartment so they can start a family.

2. The couple is registered at Bed Bath and Beyond.

3. Any other gift you feel the couple will need to start their happy union.