Monday, October 25, 2010

How We Met and Our Courtship

Sean, and our friend Robin, used to run a monthly dinner group. The group met once a month and had a meal and talked about life. Robin and Sean had worked together years ago on a LDS play in Oakland and used the dinner group to catch up with old Tech Crew members and relive the glory days. One month no other crew members were available, and so Robin invited two of her friends: Shell and Amy. Sean was immediately attracted to Amy's smile, curly hair and the fact that Amy was a writer. Amy was attracted to Sean's eyes and the adventurous stories he told. Amy further was in love with the fact that Sean gave massages to dinner group people after the group left the restaurant and went to Robin's house. Amy has had a long suffering of migraines and a "Sean Massage" helped a lot. But more to the point, Amy was impressed with Sean's charity toward the needs of people in the dinner group.

After a few dinner groups, Sean asked Amy out on a first date. The first date was disastrous. Amy stopped attending dinner group to avoid Sean but so did Sean.

11 1/2 months passed by before date number two. During that time, Amy and Sean had a great deal of time to learn each other's communication style, likes and dislikes, and all of the several things Amy and Sean have in common. Date 2 was to a ball game with Sean's father. It was the start of a beautiful relationship. Amy and Sean dated for four months, Sean living in Contra Costa County and Amy living in Napa County. In January of this year, Sean had the opportunity to move to Vallejo (45 minutes closer to Amy's house). Once there, Sean and Amy were 8 minutes away (13 minutes if the stoplights were all red.) This closer location allowed the relationship to really blossom. In August, Sean and Amy decided that neither one of them had any desire to be with anyone else and so they decided to get married.
Sean and Amy met with Amy's parents first and asked for her hand and their blessing. Next Sean spoke with his father and got his permission and blessing. And then it was announced to everyone they could tell (including the waiter at the Olive Garden they met her parents for).

Amy and Sean are so excited to be married.

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